Niyaz Releases “Sumud” | Concert in NYC!

PAF is thrilled to promote Niyaz’ album and upcoming concert in NYC.  Niyaz is a personal favorite among the PAF crew, and their new album, “Sumud”, takes their music to the next level.

In an age where conflict regions are tearing up areas of the Middle East, as well as completely fracturing the understanding of Arabic culture in America, Niyaz is presenting the most groundbreaking marriage of ancient, ecstatic verse with 21st-century dancefloor kinetics.  A journey to the heart of the unmistakable voice of Azam Ali, the refined acoustic/ electronic instrumentation of Loga Ramin Torkian, and the cutting-edge electronic artistry of two-time Grammy nominee producer-remixer Carmen Rizzo. NIYAZ defines the best in contemporary world music by effortlessly marrying rich Sufi mystical poetry and folk songs from the Middle East, masterful acoustic intrumentation, with modern electronics.

‘By ramping it up sonically and musically from an electronic perspective, it opens up an entire range of possibilities for the live performance,’ Rizzo says. ‘The new show is going to have a lot more electronic elements and textures, and be a lot more beat-driven. The songs are going to be arranged and performed a lot differently than the record.’

We are honored to be able to offer the PAF community a free song download from the album, as well as a preview of the entire album by clicking here.  We hope you will enjoy it as much as we do!

Just when you thought this post could not get more exciting, Niyaz is touring around this new release, and frequenting major cities across the US, including NYC!  PAF is giving away free tickets to the concert along with a free copy of the Niyaz CD via our Facebook Contest! For a chance to win, simply comment on the PAF Facebook Page and tell us what your favorite Niyaz song is and why.

Tickets for the NYC show are available now for purchase!  Here are the details:

When: Sunday, July 22nd

Doors: 7pm

Show: 8pm


85 Avenue A 10009 New York, NY, US

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